Bloody Mary Urban Legend

Introduction to the Bloody Mary Urban Legend

The Bloody Mary urban legend is named so because of the alleged person who is the subject of the folklore tale, Mary Worth (sometimes called Mary Worthington). It is considered one part of the categorization on scary urban legends, but does not fall into the distinction of being part of the true urban legends.

There are too many variations on the story – often mythological – to be considered as real. In one retelling or another, it involves a woman appearing in a dark room, or appearing after the subject of the experiment looks into a mirror. This article will cover the Bloody Mary urban legend with more depth, including what the basis for it is and an original retelling of the whole legend.

Overview for the Bloody Mary Urban Legend

Bloody Mary urban legend

Bloody Mary urban legend

There have been incarnations of the Bloody Mary urban legend since the 1960s. The roots and exact history of the legend are, as with any mythology, impossible to track down. It has become lost with time, and its origins were likely never known to begin with. Nevertheless, versions of the story were not compiled together until at least the 1970s. The central figures of the story – specifically the magic involved with the mirrors – date back to antiquity. There has always been some element of fear over the things we see ourselves in looking back at us. For example, have you ever heard that breaking a mirror would render the culprit unlucky? These and other aspects are behind the story.

Retelling of the Bloody Mary Urban Legend

Preface: Remember to check out other popular urban legend stories for things like this!

Story: As a young child, me and a group of friends were having a slumber party. There were girls there along with us boys. We were probably not older than 9 or 10 years old. As the night came, we decided to play Mary Worth, as a couple of the girls had suggested we do. Us boys were not familiar with the game, but the details soon became apparent as each of the girls took turns explaining aspects.

Mary Worth was a lady who was extremely beautiful. She loved to admire herself in a mirror. Unfortunately, upon having a terrible accident, her face was made grotesque and ugly. She could not stand to look at herself, and the idea made her physically ill. Nobody wanted to look at her. Everyone around her thought that, if she saw her reflection, she would go insane. So they didn’t let her.

On a dark night, like tonight, Mary Worth could not resist the temptation to look at herself in the mirror. After everyone around the house had already gone to bed, Mary decided to take a look. As soon as she saw her face, her mind flooded with the recollection of how beautiful she once was. She cried at first, but her sobs developed into loud cries and screams. As her friends and family had predicted… Mary had gone insane. She later passed on, but the negative energy from her life caused her to manifest inside of mirrors.

Once us kids heard the story, we turned out all of the lights and repeated what we were told. We recited Mary Worth’s name three times precisely, whilst looking into the mirror. Nothing happened at first. The atmosphere was creepy though. Soon enough, we all stopped looking into the mirror, except for one girl, Catherine. One of us went to turn on the light until we heard a bloodcurdling scream. It was Catherine. She backed into a corner, screaming, sobbing and gasping so loudly, and making enough of a racket for my friend’s mom to come in to check on us. Once the light was turned on, Catherine had long, deep scratches along her face. There was blood on the mirror.

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