Scary Urban Legends

Introduction to Scary Urban Legends

This is a section dealing with scary urban legends. In order for an urban legend to be considered scary, it has to be told that way and perceived as such – or, at the least, have a background with the obvious intention of provoking a fear response. Some of them are true urban legends that just happen to be considered scary. There is no better example than with the infamous Bloody Mary urban legend, which has become one of the most renowned scary urban legends.

The purpose for this section is to go down two examples of scary urban legends, mostly fictitious, and hopefully give readers an idea about what qualifies as being one. You may or may not have heard about these, but they are widely popular among social circles on and off the Internet, and through word of mouth.

Scary Urban Legends #1: The Clown Statue

Scary Urban Legends

Scary Urban Legends

The story goes that a pair of siblings live in a strict household, with a father who is a no-nonsense type, and very wealthy. There are many rooms in their house with an equal amount of priceless family heirlooms, art, and other decor. The babysitter of these siblings is relegated to a certain room by the father after she puts the kids to bed. So she is in this room and starts to feel uncomfortable. She feels as though someone is watching her.

In the corner of the room is a large statue of a clown, very ugly. The babysitter takes the cordless phone into the adjacent bathroom, where she calls the father, relaying to him her feelings about the statue and being in the room. After a pause, the dad instructs the girl to take the kids to the house down the street and call the police. As it turns out, the kids had been complaining to their father about a clown watching them in their beds.

Scary Urban Legends #2: The Drive Home

This is one of the more popular urban legend stories. It goes that a woman has left her workplace on a late night. Upon realizing that she had not eaten much that day, she stops off at a gas station for a few supplies on her drive home. Due to the long hours from work, the drive home has roads with no traffic on them, as the majority of people around town have already went where they were going. After a long stretch of no traffic, a car comes up behind hers and the driver begins erratically flashing his lights and honking the horn. This continues down the freeway, and all the woman can think to do is speed up.

After a moment of panic, both cars chasing one another, the driver rolls down his window and screams out for the woman to unlock her doors and get out from the car. She pauses as she watches the window. Staring intently at her is a man in the back seat, as the car veers into a secluded field.

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