Urban Legend Stories

Introduction to Urban Legend Stories

There will be two actual retelling of popular urban legends to follow. You can learn more about urban legends from other sections detailing what they are, and places where specific ones are elaborated on. Specific ones include things like scary urban legends and true urban legends – keeping in mind that these two distinctions can be interchangeable at times, resulting in a scary story of contemporary folklore that just happens to be true.

But what are urban legend stories? These are, in essence, what the urban legends are founded upon. The stories make up how the legends are told, what details are in them, which area they are located, and other pertinent facts surrounding the lore of the whole thing, whether mythological or factual in nature. Unlike simple details, stories are presented in the format that they are revealed to a teller.

Urban Legend Stories: The Body in the Bed

Urban Legend Stories

Urban Legend Stories

Preface: This is an interesting story because it has roots in realism. It actually happened to a German couple, according to the Burgen Record and its information from the year 1999. Furthermore, there are stories like this popping up everyday in Europe and America. Apparently the bed is a popular place to keep things concealed.

Story: A couple visited a casino and hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. After a few minutes of slot machines, they went to check in to their suite to get things situated. As soon as they walked into the room, both of them looked toward each other, because they had noticed a terrible stench coming from the room. The man demanded to speak with their manager. When he did, another room was demanded because of the bad odor. Unfortunately, the hotel had no other openings, so the owner gave them a free meal while the maids cleaned up.

When the couple returned from their delicious meal, they went back into the room to check that the smell was gone. To their dismay, it was not. Again the man called up the front desk and demanded to speak with the owner. It was at this point that the owner attempted to make reservations for the couple in other hotels. Due to the influx of tourists and visitors, there were no openings in the immediate area. The couple did not want to drive in the dead of night, so they settled with the maids cleaning up again – more thoroughly this time, they hoped. The couple went to gamble a bit and gave the maids a couple of hours to make the room presentable.

After the couple left, the owner and the housekeeping department searched around the room to try and find the smell. All of the surface materials were washed down, including the sheets, carpeting, furniture, desks, and others. None of them found anything. A couple of hours later, the couple had returned… only to find the same odor. The man was angered, so he pulled everything in the room piece by piece in order to unearth the source of the stench. There he found a woman underneath the box spring of the mattress that had died a few days prior.

Urban Legend Stories: The Lights

Preface: There is the second and last of the urban legend stories, and it has no true origin, since it has been retold with several different factors changed, including the university that the girls attend. Nevertheless, it is a pretty creepy story. It does not go quite as long as the first one, as only a few details need to be mentioned. For a similar story regarding elements found here, see about the Bloody Mary urban legend.

Story: There were two girls who shared a dorm in their college university. They had just been informed that there would be an important test coming up the following day. One of the dormmates, Julie, was a party animal. The other one, Layla, was a bookworm. So during the campus-wide party the following night, Julie decided to go, figuring she could cram early in the morning the next day and would be find. Layla, on the other hand, remained in the dorm room to study – despite Julie egging her on to join the party.

The night was drawing to a close, so Julie decided to stop partying and get off to bed. It must have been around 3 A.M. She worried that she was completely unprepared for the test, but took solace in the fact that her dormmate was a great tutor. Julie noticed that the lights were off, but did not turn them on for fear of waking up Layla.

The next morning, Julie rolled over and saw that Layla was sleeping face down. She nudged her, but there was little response. Probably due to Layla being a heavy sleeper. A couple of more nudges came next, but still no response. Julie, concerned now, rolled Layla over. There was a terrified expression on her face, and gore everywhere, on the bed and on the girl. Julie screamed and looked around frantically. She noticed the large mirror on the wall, where her attention became diverted to. The mirror had writing on it. It said, “Aren’t you glad you left the lights off?”

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